"Charles has got to the one of the most helpful, hard working realtors in Hattiesburg.

"Charles has got to the one of the most helpful, hard working realtors in Hattiesburg. Even though we were looking to rent, he took his time to look through the listings in and hooked up us with a property management company that had dozens of homes that were exactly what we were looking for. He had no financial incentive to do so, and I'm pretty sure he got no referral fee or anything. Charles is just a super nice guy that I know has to stay beyond busy, but still took the time to message me back. My fiancée and I are now in a home that we couldn't love more. Give him a shot for your realty needs!""

- Brady Boyd, Hattiesburg, MS

Charles impressed me with his knowledge and enthusiasm.

"He listens to your comments as to what you are looking for and does a great job of matching that to the listings he shows you. He helped me find a great home and is now working on selling my existing home."

- Connie Everett, Hattiesburg MS

Charles is energetic, motivated, and a pleasure to work with

"His knowledge and experience helped guide me to a great buy. Overall, I had a perfect purchase experience."

- William Waller, Hattiesburg MS

Charles is the best realtor we have ever worked with

"We've had the experience of buying and selling many homes in our married life. Truthfully, Charles is the best realtor we have ever worked with. He is enthusiastic, motivated, knowledgeable, and friendly. So much paperwork is involved in selling and buying a home, and Charles was on top of it all the way. If you are buying or selling a home, we highly recommend Charles for your realtor."

- Beverly Salmans, Hattiesburg MS

Charles is without question the best.

"Charles handled the sale of the home that my wife and I first owned in Hattiesburg, MS, in the Winter of 2012-2013. I have purchased over 20 properties in the past ten years and dealt with countless Realtors and real estate professionals - Charles is without question the best. His attention to detail, honesty, integrity, and unrestricted conversations about my best interests and what he ascertained as realistic and unrealistic goals was refreshing! He never wavered in keeping my best interests at the fore-front of every decision. He has gained my complete trust and loyal business the next time I need a Realtor.
He is not your run-of-the mill Realtor who sits around and waits for the work to come to him - he is on the leading edge of Real Estate, putting his Client's best interests first!"

- Michael Mcmillan , Hattiesburg MS

Charles works hard and never seems to stop.

"He made me feel comfortable through the entire process which in turn made my husband happy and now my family is in a house we love. Charles was on hand to answer any questions or concerns that we had as well as offering sound advice during the buying process. We highly recommend Charles to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

- Tatum Fulk, Hattiesburg MS